“ABWEHR-Ukraine” company is successfully engaged in the production of security doors in 2006. Today it is the biggest and best certified manufacturer of security doors in Ukraine, focused on production of high quality security doors, available to all categories of consumers.

The production plant of “ABWEHR” has an area of 30,000 m2 and a production capacity of 19,000 to 35,000 doors per month, depending on the model.

Brand “ABWEHR” he had a good reputation in the market by selling more than 2,500,000 pieces of doors on the market: Ukraine, Russia, Baltic, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, the European Union, ex-Yugoslavia, Canada and China.

Every year the company “ABWEHR” increase production capacity and improve the quality of their own products, trying to meet the needs of each customer.

For the production of security doors used modern equipment and high quality raw materials.

Security doors TM “ABWEHR” – your reliable protection!

RAM – INTERNATIONAL export-import

Founded in 1996 and since its inception engaged in successful domestic and foreign trade. Since 2016 the company RAM – INTERNATIONAL is the exclusive representative for ex-Yugoslavia’s with two largest Ukrainian companies for the production of security doors “ABWEHR – Ukraine”, and the interior door “NEW STYLE – Ukraine”.

And we will give you an interesting fact. “NEW STYLE” company has a production capacity of 600 pieces of interior door per hour, or 220,000 pieces per month, or over 2,000,000 pieces of excellent quality doors per year.

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